WATCH: An Anglican Church Planter

WATCH: An Anglican Church Planter

David Roseberry

David Roseberry is the founding pastor and rector of Christ Church, Plano, Texas. He and his wife, Fran, came to Plano in 1985 with the vision of planting a new church for the growing community. Christ Church was built on the principles of lay ministry, evangelistic preaching, and small group ministry. Fr. David is a 1982 graduate of the Church Divinity School of the Pacific and has been an ordained priest since 1983. Canon David helped found the Anglican 1000 church planting movement, and has been an Episcopalian/Anglican from childhood.

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Shawn McCain is one of a growing number of young leaders that have sensed a strong call to ministry in the Anglican Church in North America.  But Shawn has done more than that. He has answered a call to plant a church, to build a church from scratch. When I spoke to him a few years ago about where he felt called to plant, he would not budge off his vision or its location. In South Austin. The church has a great name and a few years of growth; it is doing well in every respect. Church of the Resurrection.


The members and visitors know it as RezAustin. It is a young church with young families that worship in a very liturgical and ceremonial style. I preached there on Ash Wednesday and helped with The Imposition of Ashes on a lot of foreheads, young and old. I ‘saw‘ things and ‘heard‘ things that don’t often fit together: smoke everywhere as the room filled with incense and crying babies during my sermon. (Churchmanship Question: Does smoke make the babies cry? Or is it the preaching!) It was rich, it was wonderful, and it was noisy!

I sat down with Shawn the next day to talk about his ministry, his call to plant, and what God was doing in the church and in his life and ministry. Below is the first of two interviews. (Check out other interviews at

Shawn is a hard-working, honest, clear thinker. He is humble about what God has done at RezAustin. But at the same time, rightly proud of the work of the Lord and the team of people at Church of the Resurrection. He is resident in the Diocese of C4SO (where we are very proud to have him). He works with the Always Forward team to advance church planting around the entire Province.

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