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Thank you to everyone who has already given to help support AnglicanPastor this year. We do need a few others to help us complete our 2017 campaign. We’re asking each reader to consider a $5 to $250 donation.


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“Anglican Pastor has helped me again and again as a relatively new Anglican, a children’s ministry director in a local parish and a mother of three. So often the clear and practical answer to my question is a post on Anglican Pastor and I don’t have to sift through books or websites I don’t trust. Greg Goebel has created a place with writers I trust and answers I need.”
Elizabeth Peterson
Missionary, Teacher, Writer

“Anglican Pastor provides such an important space for thought, conversation, and reflection in the Anglican world. I greatly appreciate the irenic, charitable spirit present in articles covering many important topics in church life. I’m honored to write alongside such gracious, thoughtful writers who seek to know Christ and make him known.”
The (Very) Rev’d Jack King
Dean, Tennessee Convocation, Anglican Diocese of the South

“Anglican Pastor has helped me to grow as a Christian and an Anglican. It’s also given me a platform, Rookie Anglican, to help pass on some Anglican knowledge to others!”
the Rev. Josh Steele,
Phd Student, Wheaton Graduate School

What are we up to?

We’d like to be able to contract a part-time managing editor to help us manage the day to day. Since our writers and our board are all volunteers, this person would be our project manager. I would still continue as the Editor-in-Chief, but would be freed up to work with new writers, and do my own writing here and there.

But we also want to continue to grow. We would love to provide more content for pastoral ministry, for worship, and for Christian living, all from Anglicans. We’d also love to provide more stories and interviews.

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2017 Campaign Snapshot

Goal: $3,000

Purpose: Support our writers and grow to include more writers and expanded content

Plan: Hire a part time managing editor and still cover our basic site costs

When I started Anglican Pastor, my vision was to provide a platform for a team of writing Anglicans to share the pastoral perspective on worship, faith, and life. From this, I hoped to connect a community of readers. And this vision has become a reality!

But now we want to grow that vision to include even more writers, readers, and conversations.

Please consider a donation during this campaign! Please donate below or click this link to visit our donations page.

Thank you for your support,

Canon Greg Goebel

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