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If you’re interested in writing for Rookie Anglican, you’ve come to the right place!

First, thank you for your interest in writing! Here’s a guide to getting your content published on Rookie Anglican

How to Write and Submit Rookie Anglican Content

1. Come up with an idea that serves our audience.

To review, here’s what we’re trying to do at Rookie Anglican: Here at Rookie Anglican, we make Anglicanism more accessible to Anglicans and theAnglicurious.”

Does your idea help us accomplish that mission in some way?

If not, revise the idea. If so, continue.

2. Check if we’ve already covered the idea/topic on Anglican Pastor or Rookie Anglican.

Please check to see if we’ve covered your idea/topic already. Here’s the easiest way to do this:

  • Go to Google
  • Type: “site:anglicanpastor.com INSERT YOUR IDEA/TOPIC HERE”
  • Look through the search results

Now, just because we’ve covered something before doesn’t mean that we’re not interested in covering it again! However, your post will need to add something new to the discussion, as well as reference (link to) the previous discussions of that topic on Anglican Pastor.

3. Pitch me your idea.

Now, if you want to send me a rough draft (that meets our writing guidelines below) before pitching me the idea, go right ahead! However, you do run the risk of me saying “I’m sorry, but this doesn’t fit our audience.”

If you want to play it safe and get me initial feedback before you start writing, send an email with “ROOKIE ANGLICAN IDEA” in the subject to therookieanglican AT gmail . com.

4. If I approve your idea, write a draft. (ROOKIE ANGLICAN WRITING GUIDELINES)

NOTE: I’m going to ask you to submit the draft to me via Google Drive (Google Docs). So, it might be easiest to start writing in Google Drive.

Here’s what to focus on when writing your draft:

  • Keep it readable

  • Simple syntax

  • Short paragraphs

  • Between 500 and 1,500 words

Also, make sure to include the following:

  • HEADINGS. Break up your post with at least first-level (H1) headings, if not second (H2) and third (H3) headings as well

  • Suggested TITLE/HEADLINE for the post

  • Suggested FEATURED IMAGE for the post (give me the URL for the image you want)

  • BRIEF BIO. Write up a “So and so does so and so…” as you would like it to appear at the end of your piece. Include any relevant links (to your church’s website, your Twitter profile, etc.)

5. Send me the draft.

Once you’re done with a draft, please send it to me at therookieanglican AT gmail . com (share it with me) via Google Drive.

Make sure to give me editing privileges (and not just “View” or “Comment”), so that I can make changes to the document itself.

If you don’t know how to do this already, read Google’s instructions here.

6. Read and reply to my edits/comments.

Sometimes, I’ll go ahead and make necessary minor changes myself. Other times, I’ll suggest higher level changes for you to make to the piece before it’s ready to go live.

All I ask is that you stay engaged throughout this process, especially if I have questions as to what precisely you mean in your post! I want to make sure your content is as clear as possible for our readers, and that you’re not being misrepresented by the final product.

7. Share your post with others once it goes live!

After I publish the post, I’ll share the post’s URL with you. Please feel free to share your posts as widely as possible! It helps us out here at Anglican Pastor and Rookie Anglican!

Article Copyright Notice

Writers own the copyright on their own writings.

By submitting an article, writers agree to allow AnglicanPastor.com and Rookie Anglican to publish and also to republish material in other formats.

We ask that, if an article is later published elsewhere by the author, the republished piece include:

  1. the tag “originally published on Rookie Anglican at AnglicanPastor.com” and
  2. a “rel=canonical” tag pointing back to the piece’s original AnglicanPastor.com URL.

(If you don’t know what “rel=canonical” means, check out this helpful piece from Moz about using it across domains.)

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