In the interests of making the Anglican Church in North America’s Daily Office Lectionary, Morning Prayer, and Evening Prayer more accessible, I have been putting together Daily Office Booklets, which contain the basics of the Morning and Evening Prayer liturgies, as well as the references for all Scripture readings.

THANK YOU to everyone who has either (1) suggest improvements to past booklets or (2) let me know that you’re using and enjoying the booklets! It’s a great encouragement to me to know that these things are getting used by the people of God!

Note: All ACNA liturgies can be found here.

The Daily What?

The ancient Christian practice of beginning and ending each day with Bible reading and prayer is known as the “Daily Office” – as in the “daily service” or “daily duty” of Christians. It finds its roots in ancient Israel. God’s people were commanded to talk about God’s word “when you sit in your house, and when you walk by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise” (Deut. 6:7). Our mornings and evenings are important to God.

I believe that, if you follow the Daily Office, you will notice a spiritual difference — in your own life, and in the life of your family!

The Latest Daily Office Booklet: Advent 2017

The latest booklet will take you through Advent, from the First Sunday of Advent (December 03, 2017) through Christmas Day. (If you’d like an overview of the Christian year, check out the post “What Time Is It?“.)

You’ll notice I’ve included chantable versions of both the Benedictus and the MagnificatGuides to chanting both canticles can be found at the links in the previous sentences.

Instructions: How to Access and Assemble the Booklet

  1. >>>**CLICK HERE** to access the PDF<<<
  2. Print the PDF 2-sided, making sure to flip the pages on the SHORT edge
  3. Fold the stack of printed pages in half
  4. Staple along the centerfold, if possible
  5. Consult page 01 of the booklet for further instructions

Other Document Formats

  1. Word Document, Full Page (Feel free to edit/format for your use. Please leave a credit to Rookie Anglican and the ACNA somewhere in the final product.)
  2. PDF, Full Page
  3. The special-sized Word Document I used to make the booklet PDF. If you need to make edits and still have them available as a booklet, I suggest using this special-sized Word Document. Make the changes, export the Word Document as a PDF. Then, using your computer’s PDF editor, print (or save, via printing to PDF) the PDF as a booklet. I’ve personally found this to be easier than messing with MS Word’s booklet printing.

Previous Editions of the Daily Office Booklet

Please let me know if you have any questions about how to use the booklet, suggestions about how to improve it, and/or encouragements by letting me know that you’re using it!

Grace and Peace,

~Josh Steele