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Problem: Anglicanism sounds great, but it’s often inaccessible and confusing.

I’m assuming that, if you’re reading this, you’re either Anglican or what I’d like to call “Anglicurious.” That is, you think that the Anglican way of following Jesus Christ sounds appealing.

But, there’s a problem. You don’t know what to do next.

Sure, something has piqued your interest – whether it’s the history, the liturgy, or the theology – but you’re not sure how to access it. You’re not sure how to go deeper.

Let’s be honest, for all of Anglicanism’s strengths, it can still come off as inaccessible. After all, we’ve got a long history, a complicated liturgy, and – some would say – a confusing approach to theology! Throw in some colorful vestments and some odd ritual gestures, and it’s tempting to head for the door!

I get it. I’ve been there. And, I’ve got good news!

Solution: Rookie Anglican makes Anglicanism accessible for Anglicans and the “Anglicurious.”

My name is Joshua Steele, and I created Rookie Anglican to make Anglicanism more accessible for Anglicans and the Anglicurious.

Why you should trust me.

1. I know what you’re going through.

I didn’t grow up in the Anglican tradition. Instead, I’m a bit of a “mutt” when it comes to church background. I grew up non-denominational, then Baptist, then Mennonite, and I didn’t attend my first Anglican church service until my senior year of college.

I became an Anglican in seminary and, as an Anglican youth minister, I quickly found myself having to teach and explain things (like the structure and meaning of the Holy Communion liturgy) that were brand new to me!

Sure, it was a great learning opportunity, but it made me wish that there were more accessible Anglican resources out there! That’s why I created Rookie Anglican.

Joshua P. Steele

2. I might not know all the answers, but I have received training in how to find them.

No, I’m not an Anglican expert or an “Anglican of Anglicans” by any means. However, please consider the following:

  • I am ordained as a (transitional) Deacon in the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA), Anglican Diocese of the South (ADOTS).
  • I have an M.Div. and an Anglican Studies Certificate from Beeson Divinity School in Birmingham, AL. 
  • I am currently a Ph.D. student in theology at Wheaton College Graduate School in Wheaton, IL.

Again, that doesn’t mean that I know all the answers! However, I do have at least an idea of where to go to find the answers to the questions you have about Anglicanism!

3. I want to help answer your questions and solve your problems.

I believe that God has called and equipped me to help people follow Jesus – specifically in the Anglican way of doing so.

I’d like to share some of the things I’ve learned. I’d like to put you in contact with some of the fantastic people I’ve been privileged to meet.

Why? To help you follow Jesus in the Anglican way.

By the way, Rookie Anglican is not just for newcomers.

Although Rookie Anglican is especially helpful for newcomers to the Anglican tradition, it’s not just for them.

Why? Because being a “Rookie Anglican” is about more than how long you’ve been an Anglican or how much you know about Anglicanism.

That is, “Rookie Anglicans” aren’t “inexperienced” or “amateur.”

Instead, we’re humble.

As we mine the riches of our own tradition, we are always mindful of both newcomers and outsiders.

Why? Because, we’re all rookies trying to follow King Jesus. We’re all beggars in search of bread (and wine).

What should you do next?

1. If you haven’t done so already, READ some of our foundational Rookie Anglican posts about:

2. If you like what you’re reading, please SHARE Rookie Anglican!

Share Rookie Anglican content with anyone and everyone who should read it!

Get creative: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, printing out articles and handing them to people, etc., etc.

This is perhaps the best and easiest thing you can do to support Rookie Anglican!

3. Let me know what problems Rookie Anglican can help you solve.

Like I said, I want to help solve your problems and answer your questions! In order to do so, however, I need to know what you’re struggling with. Let me know, via the Anglican Pastor Contact Form.

P.S. Are you interested in writing for Rookie Anglican?

Let’s talk. Click here to learn more.

Grace and Peace,

~Joshua Steele

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