LeaderWorks Update

LeaderWorks Update

David Roseberry

David Roseberry is the founding pastor and rector of Christ Church, Plano, Texas. He and his wife, Fran, came to Plano in 1985 with the vision of planting a new church for the growing community. Christ Church was built on the principles of lay ministry, evangelistic preaching, and small group ministry. Fr. David is a 1982 graduate of the Church Divinity School of the Pacific and has been an ordained priest since 1983. Canon David helped found the Anglican 1000 church planting movement, and has been an Episcopalian/Anglican from childhood.

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  1. Lazy?
    I have been a little slack in writing…but for a good reason. I have been on vacation.  Yes!!! And I just finished a book on Stewardship and Generosity.  It will be out at the end of summer…and I am thrilled to have written it. Stay tuned…
  2. Staffing LeaderWorks:
    I also have shared an update about a new colleague coming on board. Welcome, Kolby Kerr. What a great addition for LeaderWorks.
  3. Israel is Waiting:
    I continue to see more and more interest in the pastor’s orientation trip to Israel. I am excited to lead this “Familiarization” experience for you.  Come on and let’s get going! Sign up soon and get ready!  You will be amazing. (Go to FaithPassage.com) to read about it and the other trips I have.
  4. Hits still Coming:
    I am interested to see why and how this story, which went viral at Anglican Pastor, is still churning. The hits still keep on coming. Read Baptism Creates International Incident.
  5. Funding your Ministry:
    I recently did an interview with Alex Wilgus about the podcast  “Word and Table”. That wasn’t the point though.  I wanted you to hear from him about the process of deputation, that is, of fund raising his salary for the church plant he leads.  The video link is there. Or below. (A special post is scheduled for Monday.)
  6. WWCD?  What Would Cranmer Do?
    Did I share the interview I did with the Rev. RD Glenn?  “What Would Cranmer Do?”  Fascinating.

Thanks for your continued support at LeaderWorks. Much more to come.



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