Does Anyone Know Where Amanda Is?

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The images are stark and scary, like something from an apocalyptic movie.  Devastation. Hurricane Michael has cost so many people so much: the loss of human life, material property, businesses, family homes, rentals, and even entire communities.  We must surely pray for them.

But we can do more than prayer. We can help them recover.  Through the ministry of the Anglican Church in North America and local congregations, our gifts can be leveraged into specific needs that are known by leaders on the ground.

Give to Apostles by the Sea

My friend, The Rev. John Wallace, is a church planter in Rosemary Beach (Apostles by the Sea).  He and his wife Ashley are amazing believers and wonderfully loving leaders.  Their new congregation, Apostle’s by the Sea is a gem.  John is ‘on the ground‘ and he has needs within his church that we can help address. He has set up a donation link and asked for help.

He writes:

We are still trying to locate some folks missing since the storm. Does anyone know where Amanda is? Have you heard from her? Please let us know. The last we heard, she was in Callaway – an area that suffered extensive catastrophic damage. We are worried and praying.

Many in our Parish need help. Some will be without power and water for months. Some don’t have a place to stay because their home was so badly damaged or was destroyed.

We are asking for Donations to help with the recovery and relocation of the people most affected by this storm.

We can all give to this fund.  My wife and I are going to be as generous as we can. This giving will empower a priest and a church to reach out to others in the community and to the members of his own congregation.

Give to The Anglican Relief and Development Fund

The Anglican Relief and Development Fund is the relief fund that many will recognize. They are on the spot too.  They partner with the local bishop, in this case, Bishop Neil Lebahr of the Gulf Atlantic Diocese, to collect and manage the funds that are giving.  Their giving page says this:

As Michael strikes, your gift to the local church through ARDF offers tangible hope and help to those in need. You can help by giving much needed funds. We will distribute it the Diocese of the Gulf Atlantic. It is the diocese that prioritizes the needs of their communities and distributes donations to those who need it the most.

Two ways to give.  Let’s give.

David Roseberry

Canon David has over 35 years of local congregational ministry, diocesan and national involvement, leadership, and ministry experience and is the founder of Leaderworks. He was the founding Rector/Pastor, Christ Church, Plano and currently serves as the Strategic Leader and Dean, Diocese of C4SO.

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  1. Katherine October 15, 2018 at 6:54 am - Reply

    Our prayers are with all of those who have lost loved ones or suffered damage and loss through Michael. Please remember the devastation suffered in Florence as well. There are hundreds and hundreds of people in the Wilmington and surrounding communities and towns that have lost loved ones, their homes, and even all of their belongings. They grieve while they are still trying to find a place to live and are unsure of where they will go or how they will actually pay for it. Viewing a storm up close for the first time gives a very different perspective. It seems these storms make the news and then after initial view they are gone and forgotten from the headlines, but lives are still in the throws of chaos for months and months.

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