The goal of Anglican Pastor is to explain Anglican experience, and provide the Anglican Pastor’s perspective on worship, faith, and life. Writers for this site are active Anglican priests, and the focus and scope of the material is based on experience in the parish.

Anglican Pastor started from the thought that writing for the parish could be shared with others, so that it might be useful outside of the parish. The first site was “Rector’s Notes” which then became Anglican Pastor. Even though it began with one writer, it has evolved into a team writer approach. We always write from the pastoral perspective, but we choose various topics and areas. We also invite contributing and guest writers from time to time.

We hope this is a site you can use and share with new Anglicans, or anyone who wants to hear about our way of being Christian. Or anyone who wonders what an Anglican Pastor might say about something. Or anyone bored and just looking for something to do.

To find out more about our writers, visit our Writers page.

And please let us know if you have any questions or issues you would like us to discuss.

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Canon Greg Goebel, Managing Editor

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